Config File

Available since 0.11.0.

Neovide also support configuration through a config file in the toml format.

Settings priority

Settings specified in the config file override settings from the environment variables, but are overridden by command line arguments.


Linux$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/neovide/config.toml or $HOME/.config/neovide/config.toml
macOS$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/neovide/config.toml or $HOME/.config/neovide/config.toml

Available settings

Settings currently available in the config file with default values:

wsl = false
no-multigrid = false
vsync = true
maximized = false
srgb = false
idle = true
neovim-bin = "/usr/bin/nvim" # in reality found dynamically on $PATH if unset
frame = "full"

See Command Line Reference for details on what those settings do.